The joy of having a library

The Ethiopian-German Association “Let me be a child” was started in 2004. Its objectives are to alleviate the economic, psychosocial and educational problems of disadvantaged children, most of whom are orphans or are coming from very poor families. The Association started with taking care of 15 children. Soon this number had increased and with... Ler mais

An open-minded mother can bring hope

Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON Nepal) is a non-governmental organisation actively working with women, children and young people for their rights and social justice in Nepal. It particularly supports women from excluded and marginalised communities. Even though RUWON is a young organisation, it has already implemented a number of projects in... Ler mais

Education leads young people out of poverty

Ger O. has been teaching all his life. As a teacher, he realised that there were always young people left behind. He then became Director of The Life Centre in Dublin, a project in favour of early school leavers. At the Life Center we cater for boys and girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen who have not made the transfer from primary to... Ler mais

The GICAECAM in Cameroon

The GICAECAM, Grouping of Joint Assistance and Cultural Exchange Initiatives in the Cameroon, was founded in 2002. Its aim, at a social level, is to promote the well-being of Cameroonian youth through the creation of jobs and activities that will generate income through professional training. It will also enable the young people, who are living in... Ler mais

ARCE HIR Association sends testimonies and photos

Chronic poverty amongst underprivileged, marginalised and abandoned children in rural areas: EDUCATION AND CHILDHOOD ecole - Without school benches, a uniform, a blackboard, exercise books - some children collect exercise books themselves - without books - other children have no backing or family support, the straw building is just waiting to... Ler mais