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Unir-se com os mais excluídos para construir um mundo no qual os direitos humanos e a dignidade sejam universalmente respeitados.

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Skopje - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - MAPP Conference on Citizens Poverty-Proofing New Laws, Macedonia, October 17

Dear friends, colleagues and associates

The Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform (MAPP) is pleased to inform you that this year we will once again stage a conference on people experiencing poverty and social exclusion on October 17, 2018, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

We invite you to come to the Members of Parliament Club, Skopje, starting at 11:00 am to raise our voices against poverty together .

This year the conference is titled "Citizens are Poverty-Proofing the New Laws" and will have a format of public discussion with the Minister of Labuor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska, with a focus on the draft laws on social protection and child protection.

Starting from 2010 to the present, the Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform has continuously pointed to the need for changes in the Law on Social Protection.i.e. revision of the social protection system and the amount of social financial assistance. We are demanding a guaranteed minimum income, instead of the amount of social assistance that force citizens to deal with alternative ways, working "in black", and endangering their health and general security in order to survive.

IMPORTANT: This is a conference dedicated to those who are not sufficiently skilled to read laws and who are almost never invited to participate in the creation of policies that apply to them; citizens who have experience in poverty or social exclusion; but also citizens who are not poor and who find it difficult to make ends meet at the end of the month; citizens who with the old law on social protection have difficulty exercising some rights or any at all; and citizens who cannot find a solution to their state of social risk. Representatives of civil society organizations working in the field of social protection are invited to the conference as the most important link between citizens and institutions.


Glasgow - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Hunger for Justice

11.45 am: Gather around the Commemoration Stone at George Square

12 noon: Procession to City Chambers for 'Let me tell you' and singing.

Hungry for Change – this reflects the push for a Good Food Nation Bill which would make food a right in Scotland and push for policy changes addressing food insecurity much that has resulted through welfare reforms. The focus of this October 17 will be on human rights and people will be sharing around sanctions, universal credit and impact on mental health among others. 

The event will take place at City Chambers with a reception with Lord Provost Eva Bollinger. It will begin with a gathering around the commemorative stone with news that in view of its current terrible condition will be replaced in agreement with Glasgow City Council early in 2019 with a new replica placed at the base of the central statue of Sir Walter Scott and will be upright so will be much more visible and much less prone to damage. This will be in time for celebrating 20 years of the commemorative stone in George Square October 17 2019!

George Square
Reino Unido

Libourne - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Echanges, maquette, témoignages

Le collectif du refus de la misère se retrouve à Libourne

15H30: esplanade François Mitterrand
Café solidaire, échanges et participation à la maquette de la fresque

17h30: rassemblement autour de la stèle
Témoignages et chants


New Orleans - Terça 16 Outubro 2018 - March in the 7th Ward and Songs, band playing

October 16, 2018

-05pm-06pm: March in the 7th Ward, with songs, reading of texts and testimonies

-06pm-07pm: Block party and potluck

To read more about the program, check the attached document.

New Orleans
Estados Unidos

Kinshasa - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Quinzaine de l'engagement

Nous sommes engagés dans une quinzaine de l'engagement pour le droits de la femme rurale du 2 au 17 octobre 2017 et la rencontre des dirigeants scolaires du programme de lecture "Bibliomalle".

Pour le 17 octobre plusieurs activités seront organisées en dans la ville de Kinshasa. 

Avec les affiches les élèves prennent le thème "Ensemble pour un monde respectant les droits de l'homme et la dignité de chaque être humain" et en font des parlotte.
Les écoles comme le C.S. Génies du savoir, Institut de Selembao, Lycée Sainte Germaine et le Collège Saint Joseph ont opté pour le droit à l'eau et à l'énergie.

Organisé par l'Atelier-Théâtr'Actions "ATA asbl"