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Unir-se com os mais excluídos para construir um mundo no qual os direitos humanos e a dignidade sejam universalmente respeitados.

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Sofia - Sábado 20 Outubro 2018 - The Bread House Sofia, Bulgaria - Baking the World Day Together

Every month, the Bread House Sofia organises the Solidarity Bread Making Workshop. It is an occasion to prepare bread for the Solidarity Club Sofia, but also a chance for people from different backgrounds to meet, discuss and discover one another, beyond their social differences, beyond charity, through a direct communication: Mixing people by mixing ingredients.

The Wednesday before the event was 17 October. This is a very special day: Everywhere around the world, children, young people and adults meet to say "Stop Poverty". It is the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.

One person living in poverty from Quebec, Canada, wrote: “On October 17, it's our day, for us people living in poverty. A day where, thanks to a series of actions in different countries around the world, we remind our fellow citizens that we are here and we must now think, decide and act together. In summary, we could say: “We exist and we need you to recognize it."

One of the aims of this World Day is to encourage and deepen mutual understanding, solidarity and the shared responsibility of all individuals and groups from different backgrounds. This year, the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty has as its theme: "Let us together build a world full of respect for the human rights and dignity of all."

That’s why, while making bread, we draw in the flour and discuss what does it mean for each of us to live in dignity and to have a decent life.

Below are some of the ideas expressed during the Bread Making Workshop. While the ideas were spoken, it is important to write all of them, as they have been drawn in the flour:

- To have dignified labour and to work in an environment in which we are recognized, so that we feel equal and are not exploited;

- To live with love, peace and freedom;

- To have a voice, equality of opportunities and personal freedom. People should be able to choose what they want to do. They don’t need help. Poverty is a global problem, not a personal one;

- To be able to live in peace and freedom with dignified and honest labour;

- To have a decent wage;

- To have a decent life is to choose the right way, which isn’t the easiest way;

- To experience small pleasures;

- To live in unity, because everything is connected;

- To have equal opportunities for everyone, the freedom to search or explore, to think and discover meanings and passion, and to share that with others;

- To have equal access to education;

- To have friends, to think together with people living in poverty, to cooperate with and help out others;

- It’s not being alone, to give a hand to one another, and to start by talking to each other;

- To have faith in others;

- We aren’t victims, and we have choices;

- To have the freedom to say the things we believe in and to take responsibilities for that, as well as having loved ones and friends;

- To have choices and different paths open in front of us. It’s important to feel that different choices are open to you.

- To feel empathy and solidarity.


New Orleans - Terça 16 Outubro 2018 - March at the 7th Ward, New Orleans, October 16, 2018

Together let’s build a world of respect for everyone’s human rights and dignity!

To celebrate October 17: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, our team in New Orleans held a march followed by a block party together with the community members. Enjoy these beautiful photos!

New Orleans
Estados Unidos

New York - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Video: Commemorative Stone, North Lawn, United Nations Headquarters


New York
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Chennai - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Children's Theatre Performance

Conte-nos como foi o evento

Our small NGO, Shabnam Resources, celebrated this World Day of Human Dignity with our big team of 220 children who began this campaign from October 14th until 17th 2018.

Most of you know that India is ruled by a caste system which is hierarchical and where, unfortunately, some high caste elements do not follow the message of respect for the dignity of all.

The sad part is that children are often the most affected by this.

The dissemination of our message of inclusion, dignity and respect was done in Chennai through group discussions, street theaters and games.

We share with you a photo of our team.

Descrição do evento

Shabnam (meaning 'the first refreshing rains after a dry spell') Resources is a registered NGO in Chennai, India, which focuses on community welfare measures, education, livelihood and medical support for children from rural and semi-urban areas. 

To mark the World Day on October 17, Shabnam will organise a children's theatre performance on the theme of human dignity and respect.



New Orleans - Domingo 14 Outubro 2018 - Concert and exhibitions

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On October 14, 2018, at Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans, a free concert was held to mark the World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.

The performing artists included:

Xavier University Gospel Choir Valerie Jones Soprano and The Patriotic Project Youth Chorale Jazz Duo : saxophonist Roderick Paulin and Peter Harris - bass Betty Shirley and Maria Victoire (vocals) Cameron Mitchell Ware – dancer/actor Fitzgerald Barrau - Trumpet Jazz Duo - Lil’ Josephine- bass and Rhodes Spedale, piano Albinas Prizgintas - keyboards

The concert was followed by an exhibition and reception which featured the handmade quilt “Quilt of our lives” made by women of the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia and photos from around the world by Francois Phlipponeau.

We share with you some photos of this special occasion.

Descrição do evento

October 14, 2018, at Trinity Episcopal Church

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm : Free Concert
6:00 pm – 7:00pm: Exhibitions and reception
Handmade quilt “Quilt of our lives” made by women of the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia and photos from around the world by Francois Phlipponeau.

To read more, check the attached program.

1329 Jackson Ave
New Orleans
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