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Unir-se com os mais excluídos para construir um mundo no qual os direitos humanos e a dignidade sejam universalmente respeitados.

There are a few changes on the October 17 page for this year.

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Asaba - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - WoFI Roundtable and Skills Training, October 17, Nigeria

Lifting 50 women headed households above poverty is the focus of an initiative by Working Fingers International (WoFI) as it commemorates this year’s October 17 World Day. This will be done through a skills training exercise for women and girls, and through organising a roundtable, bringing influencers and leaders together with women, girls, persons living with HIV/AIDs and persons living with disabilities, to dscuss ending poverty.

WoFI is a visionary and innovative grassroots NGO promoting the development of women and youth in Nigeria.


Wellington - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Spreading the News - Victoria Development Society, New Zealand

"We love the idea of celebrating 17th of October and will be doing so by spreading the word on our social media and to our members via email.  We're also investigating what other organisations are doing around New Zealand to use the day as a platform to campaign on issues such as child poverty - we are keen to promote their wonderful work. 

Thanks again for reaching out, 

Katharine Woolrych and Liam Daly,


Victoria Development Society

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The Victorian Development Society seeks to raise awareness of global issues such as sustainable development, fair trade, human rights and environmental problems worldwide.

Nova Zelândia

Dar-es-Salaam - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty

Here under is a retrospective of what ATD Fourth World Tanzania did in 2017.

Details for October 17 2018 will follow

In 2017 ATD Fourth World Tanzania celebrated the World Day for Overcoming Poverty on Saturday the 14th – before the worldwide celebration the 17th october as every year.

The 3-hour long commemoration saw personal testimonies from people with direct experience of poverty, messages from around the world, drama, songs, poems, dancing, and an invitation to the participants to sign a special Call to Action as part of ATD’s International Stop Poverty 2017 Campaign. It was a powerful and moving occasion which deepened the commitment of those already involved in the collective struggle to overcome extreme poverty and also to attract new commitments.

The event was at Biafra place, a public space to enable all citizens to take part at the event. Through words, drama, music, and testimonies we showed how extreme poverty undermines our freedom and violates our most fundamental rights. Stories of life from Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Dodoma and Njombe reminded us of the struggle of people to overcome extreme difficulties and search a way to peace.

It is very important to gather people on a day like this because we live in classes, separated from one another. When we live such a gathering together there is something building. Then we all realize that we are all the same. People who don’t live poverty come to understand the efforts of those who fight to overcome exclusion. They discover the challenges they have to face. When people living in poverty speak and other people listen, changes can come about. It is very important to gather people on a day like this. Rehema A. (Participant from Tandale, Dar es Salam).


Manila - Sábado 11 Agosto 2018 - Preparation with youth

On August 11, 2018, youth from six communities from Manila and relocation sites made their own posters with a message for October 17, World Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.

During an art and cultural gathering with 50 youth from different communities, ATD Fourth World, Museo Pambata and Teatro Balagtas asked them : « What are you hoping for your community and society ? ».

It was a great opportunity to know each other better, to discuss with young people about their personal hopes and hopes for a more just society, to learn basics of theater, and to participate in workshops.

One message in the forefront states: "The community is united and equal in all matters"


Sange - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Se former à l'agriculture en s'engageant avec les plus exclus

A l’occasion de la journée du 17/10/2018, IJED (Initative des Jacobins Eleveurs pour le Développement) s’engagera avec celles ou ceux qui sont exclus pour célébrer cette journée sur le terrain, donc, les participants ont tous choisi le champ de choux du groupe Maendeleo où tous sont conviés d’y être formés pour pouvoir produire suffisamment afin de bannir la misère.

L’autosuffisance ab ovo est le garant de la dignité humaine, donc une fois la femme indépendante et autonome financièrement, si bien même que la coutume l’exclut, elle sera dignement respectée par la société.

IJED travaille pour le développement communautaire et coopératif