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London - Quarta 17 Outubro 2018 - Photos & Message from October 17, Palace of Westminister, United Kingdom

A special event was held in London, United Kingdom, on October 17, hosted by The Baroness Professor Lister of Burtersett, CBE, at the Palace of Westminster.

Almost a hundred people packed into Committee Room 4 at the House of Lords for a panel discussion about meaningful political participation by people with direct experience of poverty.

The Baroness Professor opened the discussion by saying, “The diverse panel reflects ways in which groups from across the country are increasingly coming together to act, and try and create change.”

The event featured the screening of a new film about “The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty” produced by ATD Fourth World in the UK, which was followed by a panel discussion on “How meaningful participation by people with direct experience of poverty can create positive societal change”.

This film traces the course of the Roles We Play project over the last decade and its attempts to provide a forum for people with experience of poverty to challenge the widespread negative stereotypes of their lives by giving participants the tools to speak out and have their voices heard.

In highlighting the different stages of the project, from photo exhibition and series of residential weekends and participatory film project to full-colour book and multimedia exhibition, the film explores the impact of genuine participation and the importance of recognising the ways in which people in poverty contribute to their own families, neighbourhoods and communities.

James Riley, an activist of ATD Fourth World who helped to make the film, said: “The process was important to us. It’s us on the screen. It’s our words, our images, rather than a journalist’s article where they cherry-picked quotes and images. […] I hope you can see the honesty in this film.”

You can view the film here.

The panel discussion included the speakers, Patrcia Bailey of ATD Fourth World and Alana Avery of On Road Media. They spoke together about their collaboration on a project called "Poverty in the Media". Commencing in January 2018, this project supported a small group of people with lived experiences of poverty and low incomes to develop media skills, resilience, and confidence to engage with the media, on their own terms.

Speakers’ talks, including those by Rebecca Bromley and a joint talk by Patricia Bailey and Alana Avery, are being published now and in coming weeks.

Below is a message from Moraene Roberts, activist and member of the ATD UK Leadership Team, on her participation in this October 17 event:

"Yesterday's gathering at Westminster was very powerful with clear examples of positive, proactive anti-poverty participation of people with lived experience of poverty and those who support them. It was clear that there are many groups/organisations tackling poverty and exclusion. Events like this provide opportunities for building networks and solidarity. Together our voices are louder, stronger and more effective. For most, 17th October is the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty but for the people who gathered yesterday, every day is a day when we work to end poverty for all. I was humbled and honoured to be among them. I wish to thank Andrew and Bea for making it possible for me to attend."

Elsewhere in the United Kingdom, many organizations held events to mark the world day.

Glasgow: The “Hunger for Justice” event was organised by Bridging the Gap, the Poverty Truth Commission, and the Lodging House Mission Choir. Participants gathered outdoors at the Commemorative Stone monument in honour of victims of poverty and then walked together to City Chambers. 

Stockton: Thrive Teeside set up a Speakers’ Corner and informational stalls to highlight actions that challenge poverty.

Belfast: the Right to Welfare (R2W) and Participation and the Practice of Rights focused on “Conscious Cruelty: Social Security, the Economy, and Human Rights”.

Salford: the Poverty Truth Commission ran an inclusion workshop at the Social Audit Network.

Leeds: the Dole Animators ran workshops to create and share narratives.

Back in London, Being the Story hosted an event featuring speakers with lived experience of poverty and other challenges. 4in10 organised London Challenge Poverty Week.


  • Church Action on Poverty marked 13-21 October as “End Hunger Week” and collected signatures for a national petition asking that the Universal Credit be fixed.
  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation supported many of these efforts led by people in poverty.
  • Stoke Expert Citizens, the West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission, and others coordinated social media campaigns using: #EndPoverty, #PovertyTakeover, and #SolveUKPoverty.
  • A national collective of individuals who experience poverty (of which ATD Fourth World is a founding member) renamed itself the APLE Collective: Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience. Its new Twitter account quickly gained more than 600 followers: @ApleCollective.

More information about ATD Fourth World in the UK.

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