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Responder ao apelo do 17 DE OUTUBRO para erradicar a pobreza : um caminho que nos leva a criar sociedades pacíficas e inclusivas

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Dublin - Quarta 11 Outubro 2017 - the Dark Tunnel - drama performance

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To mark the UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty, i-Smile International Ireland presents a drama performance "the Dark Tunnel" from 11am to 1pm.

123 Avondale Park, Mulhuddart Avondale Community Centre

Dublin - Terça 17 Outubro 2017 - When Voices Unite to Leave No One Behind

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Join us for a huge singing session to bring people together and sing songs with messages of dignity, hope, courage and joy. Together we will carry on the struggle against poverty.

DCC Woodquay venue

Mymensingh - Terça 17 Outubro 2017 - With my own two hands I can change the world, and tell a message

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We just had a nice time together this afternoon to celebrate Oct 17, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

We were together, staff of Mati and a group of young students from the neighborhood, some from families in poverty, who are volunteering with Mati.

We first watched the video of playing for change, twice because many "like", after an introduction to Oct 17 meaning, by Lenen Rahaman, founder of Mati.

Then the group of students proposed everyone present to print our colored hands on a big banner and to write a message.

Lots of fun, lots of happiness, togetherness.

Some of of the message say:

-"You are not born poor, poverty is a problem of society, forget who is poor or rich and come forward together to solve it"

-A proverb: "We walk together, no matter if we win the game or not"

-"Only the poor feel the pain of the poor"

-"Come forward together to love them, those who don't even know that this day is for them"

-"We cannot say poverty is not the problem of the society"

-"The color of life can be changed any time"

-"We must stand at the side of poor people"

To know more about Mati Bangladesh:



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-Introduction to Oct 17 meaning
-Video "With my own Two Hands, I can change the world", by Playing for Change
-Print our coloured hands on a big banner and write a message.

With MATI Bangladesh, ATD Fourth World, and students from the neighbourhood.


Chennai - Terça 17 Outubro 2017 - Care & concern reduces poverty - 2017

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Shabnam Resources , chennai

Greetings to you all ,

On october 17th 2017, Tuesday afternoon, 2.00 pm and ended by 4.30 pm, about 49 children gathered from the age group 7 to 14 to participate in the above subject of "How to show care and concern". 

The children focused how they can show their might of love towards even lesser privileged than them in sustainable understanding. Usually, in any deliberations and actions, it always ends up with someone who is not correct and something went wrong. 

Here the children reversed that thinking by stating how I can show that difference in translating that ray of hope and love.

The first point was NO WASTAGE OF FOOD, they stated, whatever food they get should never be wasted, in other words anyone should never go hungry before Bed. 

The children wish to form a small group and recycle the food into packages and give it any to child or adult who is hungry.

The children also made a declaration to join with adults to ensure no rotten or thrown away food be eaten by any human beings. 

As a bold action they would go to the small eateries to collect parcels and deliver to hungry soul within their boundaries.

They stated the care and concern does not stop, any surplus of recycled food goes to stray uncared dogs and cats which was a mind blowing point.

Care and concern extends to any who needs emotional and comforting support which would reduce the cases of abuses.

You see the children speak their minds so vehemently even it made adults to ponder over.

Pray for them.

With lots of thanks and regards.

In Fraternity






CHENNAI 600024

phone :  0091  44 24721379

Mobile :  0091  9962430097

E.MAIL : mrhubert72 [at] gmail [dot] com

web : www.shabnamresources.com

SKYPE NAME:  michael hubert

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Shabnam children would join and hold a deeper discussion on eliminating the poverty with a sustainable effort. 

Yes India has resources how we can be more interconnected to help each other, if need be can be outsourced

The children would discuss and come out with some ideas and tips. 



MICHAEL .R.HUBERT FOUNDER DIRECTOR   SHABNAM RESOURCES (REGD NON PROFIT ORGN) OLD NO 5 NEW NO 13 BUDDHA STREET RANGARAJAPURAM CHENNAI 600024   phone :  0091  44 24721379   E.MAIL : mrhubert72 [at] gmail [dot] com   web : www.shabnamresources.com  


MICHAEL .R.HUBERT FOUNDER DIRECTOR   SHABNAM RESOURCES (REGD NON PROFIT ORGN) OLD NO 5 NEW NO 13 BUDDHA STREET RANGARAJAPURAM CHENNAI 600024   phone :  0091  44 24721379   E.MAIL : mrhubert72 [at] gmail [dot] com   web : www.shabnamresources.com
old no 5 buddha street, kodambakkam, chennai 600024

New Orleans - Domingo 15 Outubro 2017 - Concert and poem

On Sunday, October 15 at 5:00 p.m. we will have a concert as part of the Trinity Episcopal Artist Series. The concert will include spiritual, gospel, and contemporary music, as well as a poem written by Henri Fourroux, entitled, "The Fourth Language."  The concert will be followed with refreshments.

New Orleans
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