Cada atitude, cada gesto são importantes na luta contra a extrema pobreza e a exclusão. Existem várias maneiras de agir, independentemente de nossas habilidades e disponibilidade. Essas mensagens, estes testemunhos são a expressão destas experiências. Sinta-se livre para contribuir.

Os testemunhos ou depoimentos são publicados sob a responsabilidade do autor. Eles estão sujeitos a validação e serão publicados somente se eles se encontram de acordo ao espírito deste dia, tal como definido na Carta Internacional do 17 de Outubro.


We just need people to give us a chance.

My name is Jayson, I am from the Philippines.  I moved to Ireland in 2004 looking for a better future for my family. Just like many Irish have done in the past going to America or Australia.

 I have three children at home in the Philippines and I have been working here to support them and provide them with the necessary means to have a good education.   I wish I could be closer to them; I want to see them and be there for them as they grow up but being in the Philippines I could not support them. I could not find work.

 It is hard not being able to see them, not being there for them when they are sick or need help, not being able to share the important moments in their lives and not being able to bond as a family.  But at the minute I have no choice. I am currently undocumented and it has been 8 years that I have not seen my children. This is difficult for me every day of my life

 Being a migrant from outside the EU makes it harder to find a job. Employers take advantage of your vulnerable position.  That sometimes means that we have to accept pay under the minimum wage, long hours without overtime, dangerous conditions and threats from employers or colleagues. 

 We are here to work and support ourselves and our families; also to contribute by paying our taxes. We just need people to give us a chance.  We are not looking for a hand out; we just want fair consideration to be given to our situation.